New Suzuki SV650!

That's right - after 13 years, there's a new Suzuki SV650 (or is it an updated Gladius?)

HERE'S Suzuki's new-for-2016 SV650 - although it looks like it's got more in common with the Gladius than the popular ally-framed sports bike it takes its name from.

Suzuki says the 645cc dual-spark 90° V-twin engine has 60 new parts, including resin-coated pistons for reduced friction.

Power is up to 76hp, from the SV650 and Gladius' 71hp. Torque remains 47lbft. Fuel economy is a claimed 73.5mpg.

It's got the Gladius' steel chassis but with 70 new parts, reducing claimed kerb weight by 8kg to 197kg with ABS (still 1kg more than the non-ABS SV).

It's got 'Suzuki Easy Start' which means the rider only has to dab and release the button and the starter motor automatically turns until the engine fires.

It's also got a new 'Low RPM Assist' system, which automatically raises engine speed slightly as the clutch is released, to avoid stalling.

The air-box is new, and features funnels of staggered length which Suzuki says aids mid-range torque.

The clutch cover is redesigned to reduce weight, as is the two-into-one triangle-shaped exhaust, which eliminates the lower chamber found on the Gladius.

Seat height is 785mm, the lowest in the 600cc-800cc 'street bike' class according to Suzuki, while the bodywork has been slimmed to enable shorter riders to more easily reach the ground..

It's got a new radiator with a bigger fan and a new brightness-adjustable LCD instrument cluster which Suzuki boasts weighs only 275g. Dash info includes a gear position indicator, current and average fuel consumption and range. The tachometer can show peak rpm after revs drop.

The fuel tank has been narrowed at its widest point by 64.5mm with no reduction in capacity, at 13.8 litres.

The brakes are two-piston calipers on 290mm floating front discs and for the first time in the UK the SV comes with ABS, from Nissin. Suzuki says it's 830g lighter than the system used on the SFV650 Gladius.

Wheels are five-spoke cast aluminium, from TPR.

The seat is shaped for 'sporty riding' according to Suzuki, making it 'easy to move around', and there are two luggage loops on the under-side.

It's got a conventional round headlight and a new LED tail light.

Colour options are white, blue, red or matt black. Price is to be confirmed. 

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