Crystal ball 2012: Suzuki

Changes expected for the GSX-R1000

OUR sources in Japan say that while the updates for Suzuki's 2011 GSX-R600 and 750 were fairly small and evolutionary, the changes its GSX-R1000 will get for the 2012 model year are more extensive.

In fact, he said the bike will be “amazing”.

Just what that means is open to interpretation, of course. It's unlikely the GSX-R1000 will get a totally new engine or chassis – both were new in 2009, and haven't exactly gone past their sell-by date yet – but we can expect some weight loss, similar to that of the latest GSX-R600, and a new appearance.

Our money is also on the bike getting kit like ABS brakes, traction control and all the other electronic wizardry that's fast becoming essential kit in the superbike market.

Elsewhere, there's been little in terms of rumours about Suzuki's 2012 range. The firm is sure to have the usual batch of scooters and other updates, but we'd hope to see something that stands out, too – perhaps the much-anticipated GSX-R125 or GSX-R250.