BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Specs Revealed

Type approval documents for the incoming BMW R 1300 GS Adventure have been revealed via type approval documents published in Sweden

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure Spec

Some details regarding the upcoming BMW R 1300 GS Adventure have been uncovered, and there is quite a bit of distance between it and the already available R 1300 GS.

Probably the biggest piece of news is that the GS Adventure will be available with BMW’s new ASA (Automated Shift Assist), the German brand’s take on implementing an automatic transmission on a two-wheeler. Like Honda’s DCT system, the BMW ASA does away with the clutch lever, and the rider can select predetermined shifting schedules based on the type of riding they are undertaking. You can read more about the BMW ASA system here, and as this is now being added to the Adventure version of the bike, we expect that the stock R 1300 GS will also use the same technology.

The BMW Automated Shift Assist​

The next nugget of information given away in the type approval documents relates to the top speed of the bike, and like the outgoing R1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure models, the larger bike has a slightly lower top speed than its smaller and lighter counterpart. The new GS Adventure has a quoted top speed of 137mph, 3mph down from the top speed (140mph) claimed top speed of the R 1300 GS. The lower top speed isn’t much of a surprise given the bike's increased weight. 

On that front, the GS Adventure is claimed to weigh 20.8kg more than the stocker, tipping the scales at a chunky 258kg wet and ready to ride. Part of that increased mass will be down to the Adventure model's larger fuel tank, which is one of the most appealing features of the bike. While we don’t have any data to show what the tank capacity of the GS Adventure’s fuel tank would be, we’d expect it to be somewhere around the 30-litre mark, which would make it about the same as the outgoing R 1250 GS Adventure. 

More details relating to the new model will be known later this year, and with the timing of these filings making it into the public domain as they have points to the new model being revealed officially at the end of this year.