10 minute motocross police chase

Legend has it he's still on the run

FOOTAGE recently uploded to YouTube shows a motorcyclist on a motocross bike elude a police officer after a highspeed chase.

The clip was filmed on a helmet cam and uploaded by YouTuber, Sundown Wheeliez along with the description:

"Guy on dirt bike attempts and successfully eludes police in a super high speed chase. After robbing 3 banks and a Suzuki dealership, Officer Douchebag thought he had enough skill to catch this felon but his minimal rookie experience proved to show no match against the speed and endurance of the monstrous 250cc engine. Situational wise i did not find it necessary to stop knowing the circumstances and area I was in. No harm no foul. No victim no crime. I could be out in the city weaving in and out of traffic but nahh I choose to ride in the sticks. Wheelies could have been more cool but no clue how the cop will react."