Police investigate Westminster Council over parking contract

No To Bike Parking Tax Chairman prompts Police to investigate unlawful contract

WESTMINSTER CITY Council are at the centre of a Police investigation into allegations of fraud against two senior council officers.

The case, brought to the attention of Met Police by No To Bike Parking Tax Campaign Chairman Warren Djanogly, concerns the awarding of a multimillion-pound parking enforcement contract to private firm NSL Services.

A Met spokesman told BBC News: "We can confirm we have received an allegation of fraud. The allegation is being looked at and we are unable to discuss it."

It is alleged the contract was given directly to NSL without going through proper tendering processes.

No To Bike Parking Tax Campaign Chairman, Warren Djanogly, said: "It was my civic duty to take the evidence collected to the proper authority.

"I have had no other course of action other than to bring this matter to the attention of the police."

Mike More, chief executive of Westminster Council, told BBC News: "This allegation is part of an ongoing campaign by a motorbike protest group.

"We remain confident the parking contract was properly let by our officers and allegations of fraud are completely unfounded."

Good work No To Bike Parking Tax people!