Motorcycle stolen in London as people stand and watch

A voice says ‘Someone call the police?’ Sixty seconds later bike is gone

THREE thieves steal a motorcycle from a busy London street as people standing watching, fully aware of the crime unfolding before their eyes.

As the video begins, a voice can be heard off camera saying ‘Someone call the police?’ By the end of the one-minute clip, the thieves and the bike are gone.

At one point they appear to be brazenly using some kind of bar or long-necked screwdriver, either to attack the ignition barrel or as leverage to break the steering lock.

Two of the men, who are all wearing helmets, get on two scooters while the third gets on the motorcycle. The three then make their getaway, one of the scooter riders pushing the bike with an outstretched leg, as bystanders watch.

The mobile phone clip was uploaded on YouTube yesterday with the question ‘What would you have done?’

So what would you have done?  

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