MotoGB launches India Coronavirus Charity fundraising appeal

MotoGB has launched a Coronavirus Charity Appeal to help the Indian nation as they battle the COVID-19 pandemic

MotoGB India Coronavirus Charity Appeal

AS the UK is seemingly moving out of the COVID-19 pandemic and back to some sort of normal life, it’s worth remembering that some global nations are still locked in the grip of the Coronavirus infection.

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One such nation is India, a country that in recent weeks and months has seen infections rise to more than 18m cases, with more than 201k Covid-19 related deaths.

To try and help out, UK importer of Royal Enfield motorcycles and LML scooters has launched a charity appeal, with partner Ekam UK who will actively help those in need in the nation. The funds raised will go towards medical equipment and food supplies to help those most in need of it.

Sharing the news of the appeal on Facebook, MotoGB said:

“We are currently running a campaign to help India's current Covid19 crisis and would really appreciate your support.

“Here at MotoGB, we have had a close relationship with India and trading partners for many years. Our close friends, and business partners, informing us of the terrible situation and suffering currently being felt across India.

“India is currently facing the worse Covid19 outbreak the world has seen. We are working together with Ekam to help raise funds to go towards medical equipment such as Oxygen tanks, PPE, Medicine, and food supplies for those whose livelihood has been affected by the pandemic.

“We have chosen Ekam to ensure the funds raised will be put to good use and used promptly to help ease the suffering in India.

“Every donation helps, big or small. If you can spare even just a few pounds, it will make a difference and help save lives during this terrible time India is currently facing due to Covid19

“To make a donation please follow this link to our JustGiving page...”

To make a donation, head to the JustGiving page here: