Hells Angel cleared in petrol forecourt GBH case

Accused cleared of charges despite refusing to reveal identity of real attacker

A HELLS ANGEL charged with the violence on the forecourt of Cardiff Bay’s Asda garage was cleared yesterday by Cardiff Crown Court.

Last week, visordown reported that Sean Timmins, 37, the vice-president of Hell’s Angels in Wolverhampton, was charged with assaulting Neil Lake, in a dispute on the petrol forecourt. Mr Lake had his right cheek shattered by a single punch, but was able to write down the registration of his assailant’s Harley-Davidson bike.

The information led Police to Sean Timmins, 37, the vice-president of Hells Angels in Wolverhampton, but he told Cardiff Crown Court he had been more than 100 miles away. He was working in his hometown that Sunday morning last October when Mr Lake called in for petrol with his wife, young son and father-in-law in the car.

Timmins told the trial another Angel had been riding around with the same registration plate as him but explained that it would be against club rules for him to name the other man.

“If it means me being in contempt of court and being jailed, then so be it – I will not tell you who it is because I’ll be thrown out of the Hells Angels after 10 years,” he told Judge David Wynn Morgan.

CCTV video from the Asda forecourt led the jurors to their unanimous not guilty verdict.

Mr Timmins, whose alibi was a former bank manager and acquaintance of his father, who said he had been laying a drive for him that day, left the courtroom immediately the verdict was announced