First Look: Tier Motorsports hub-centre YZF-R1

Fancy taking your R1 in a completely different direction? Here's one way of going about it

TIER Motorsports have come up with a design concept R1 prototype that uses a single-sided front swingarm instead of the bike's standard telescopic forks.

The system features four-bar steering for a perfectly vertical steering axis, as opposed to the tilted steering axes found on telescopic forks due to their necessary rake.

The company claim the benefits of the system are:

a. less or no dive under braking.

b. Greater ride comfort.

c. Lighter frame.

d. Easy suspension adjustment.

e. Minimal change in wheel base throughout suspension travel.

f. More precise handling.

g. Quick wheel removal.

h. More compact and aerodynamic overall motorcycle design.

i. Increase in braking performance.

j. Greater power to steer the front wheel.

k. More pronounced separation between suspension and steering/control.

The concept is still in the early stages of development but looks promising as a truly viable alternative to standard R1 front suspension.