Egg thrown from car leaves biker blind in one eye

A motorcyclists loses sight in his eye after he being struck by an egg thrown from a passing car in East Midlands

Marc Toone [credit: BBC]

A motorcyclist has been blinded in one eye after he was struck by an egg thrown from a passing car, with a 17-year-old arrested and bailed in connection with the crime.

Marc Toone, 31, was riding on Newton Lane in Wigston, Leicestershire on Friday night when a passenger in a car threw an egg at him, getting under his visor and striking him in his right eye.

Doctors were unable to save his right eye despite being rushed to the hospital by his fiancée, who came to his aid when he called her ‘howling with pain’.

Mr Toone, a chef, explained he had lifted his visor after being dazzled by the full beam headlights of an oncoming car when he was attacked.

"As the car passed me I felt something hit me in the face and then I felt something dripping down my cheek,” he said.

"I stopped the bike, took my helmet off and realised my hand was covered in blood.

"I rang [my fiancée] and all she got was me howling in pain The fact I have lost vision in my right eye is horrifying, and all because of someone's childish act in a car - it is just stupid.

"And if they do it again, the next person on a motorbike might crash their bike and they might not get up again."

A number of other similar incidents have been reported in the area, police say.

Police arrested a 17-year old on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm, but the suspect has been released on police bail.