Disqualified biker banned until 2018

Four months in prison and a ten year ban for the man caught riding seven times while banned

A MAN caught riding a motorcycle while disqualified for the SEVENTH time has been banned for 10 years.

Martin Mearns, 20, Brae View, Greenock, was nabbed by cops on a on an off-road bike near his home.

His defence solicitor, Aidan Gallagher, laughingly pleaded for leniency to allow Mearns to take up a job as a - wait for it - driver with a national car hire firm.

But his pleas fell on deaf ears as Sheriff John Herald caged Mearns for four months and banned him from the roads until 2018.

At the court hearing the judge said Mearns’ record left him with no option but to impose a prison sentence.

He said: “You have a horrific record for driving while disqualified. There can only be one disposal and that is custody.

“You will be sentenced to four months in prison, backdated to 6 June. You will also be disqualified from driving for a period of 10 years.”