Coca Cola helped James Bond motorcycle stunts in No Time To Die

James Bond film producers used Coca Cola to help create motorcycle stunts in No Time To Die

James Bond no time to die

THE team behind the motorcycle action in the James Bond film, No Time To Die, has revealed how they went about creating the stunts in the latest action movie.

While filming on location in Matera, Southern Italy, the team came up against the nemesis if the motorcycle stunt rider – slippery, cobbled, and narrow streets.

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To get around the problem, Daniel Craig (aka the current James Bond) came up with the idea of squirting the streets with Coca Cola to help make the surface more useable.

And they didn’t just chuck a few opened cans down the picturesque streets, film bosses dropped around £55k on the stuff and ended up slopping nearly 9,000 gallons of it across the town.

Once the drink had dried in the Italian sunshine, what was left was a sticky residue across the previously slippery streets. Exactly what James Bond stunt-rider Paul Edwards needed to complete the film’s most hair-raising stunts. it sees Edwards and his look-a-like Triumph Scrambler 1200 (which was actually a CRF400, but shhhh!) leap over one of the town’s high stone walls.

The stunt meant the 25-foot ramp would have to be hit at 60mph for the rider and bank to clear the wall and land safely on all both wheels.

Total Film also reports that the added bonus of using the drink was that it “makes things look very clean after it washes off” – according to motorcycle stunt boss Lee Morrison. so just imagine what it's doing to your insides!