Caught on camera: Three months jail for wheelie biker

Middle-aged biker puts on stunt show right in front of unmarked cop car

Caught on camera: Three months jail for wheelie biker

A MIDDLE-AGED biker has been sentenced to three months in jail, after being caught by a Police in-car camera while performing stunts on a busy main road.

James Stoddard, 48, was filmed pulling a wheelie at 70 mph, as well as a variety of other stunts on his Yamaha YZF-R1, while on a ride-out with 10 other motorcyclists.

Police who pulled the 'stuntman' over after he had performed a series of dangerous manoeuvres on the A24 near Horsham, West Sussex, also found Stoddard's bike was armed with a 'flip-up' registration plate, used to hide his licence number from speed cameras.

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph stated:

Stoddard was videoed doing wheelies and "power slides", pulling on his front brake at more than 60mph to make his bike skid across the carriageway, leaving black thick rubber tyre marks in the road.

Mmmm. Wonder who wrote that one?
Brighton Crown Court sentenced Stoddard to three months in jail after he admitted dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice. He was also banned from driving for two years and had his motorbike confiscated.

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