Aaron Clifford well on road to recovery 8 months after horrific crash

Eight months on from the Superstock crash that left him with multiple serious injuries, Aaron Clifford provides an update on his condition

Aaron Clifford

National Superstock racer Aaron Clifford has provided a welcome update on his rehabilitation from myriad of injuries he sustained in a start-line crash at Snetterton eight months ago.

The youngster revealed he suffered a crash off the line and was struck by a number of different unsighted riders, leaving him with an extraordinary list of injuries ranging from a broken sternum, broken ribs, broken cheekbones and a serious head injury [see below]

Placed in an induced coma for several weeks, Clifford remained critical more than a month on from the accident but since then has slowly began to improve condition to the extent that he was able to travel to Cartagena at the end of February to attend a BSB winter test.

Though he says he still has some weeks of therapy remaining, he is confident he will be heading home ‘for good’ soon.

“Just a little update on how my life has been since Snetterton back in July (19th-21st July 2019).

“I didn’t get off to a great start in Snetterton and just as I was probably starting to think the weekend couldn’t have gone any worse as it’s a track I’m usually very strong at, it got much worse. As you all know I was involved in a very bad accident off the line on the warm up lap, I came off and fell into the middle of a pack of riders and was unfortunately hit by a number of them because I was in their blindsight

“From then my championship contending chances were thrown down the track, along with myself I broke pretty much every bone in my body from my two cheekbones down to all the bones in my left foot, but my right leg was fine I’ve had to learn how to do everything again, such as walk, talk, brush my teeth, absolutely everything that would be considered to be a daily routine, I won’t be taking anything for granted again after that struggle 

“As you all know I was placed into an induced coma trackside and airlifted to Cambridge. I am forever grateful to the BSB Medical Team, East Anglian Air Ambulance, Addensbrooke Hospital and Royal Papworth as all of these combined really the reason I am writing this status now.

“I have been trying to stay off social media for my own good as a lot of attention was obviously brought towards myself after all of this, but I am heading off to Spain with Woolsey Coulter for the pre season test in Cartagena which I do every year, but this time with no bike as I simply am not in a fit enough state to get back on one yet, but the break away from the NRH will do myself some good, I still have a few more weeks of therapy left there before I’m allowed to go home, for good we all hope...

“I’d just like to say I am so grateful for all the support I have received over the past 8 months, it has made my horrible journey so much easier and has motivated me to push myself to get better!

It wouldn’t be a status from me without ending it with a good old... Aaron #9 [sic]

Clifford has been recovering from the following injuries…:
Serious head injury
Broken cheekbones (both)
Collapsed left lung
Broken sternum
Multiple broken ribs
Broken left wrist
Broken right arm and wrist
Broken left femur 
Broken C7 vertebrate
Dislocated pelvis