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New Monsters Inc HJC helmet unveiled

My eyes! My eyes! Garish new green Pixar paintscheme for HJC's top-notch RPHA 11 lid.

Submitted by Alan Dowds - editor on Wed, 13/06/2018 - 12:12

Mike Wazowski Monsters Inc HJC helmet

SOMETIMES ROUND here, the stories just write themselves. Like this one. Post the pic, add a pithy comment, and we're done. Because the photos tell the whole story pretty much. HJC helmets is launching a new paint scheme for its RPHA 11 lid, and it's the little round green eyeball character from the Pixar film Monsters Inc. He's called Mike Wazowski, apparently. It will cost £470 and Oxford Products is taking pre-orders now in the UK.

Marcel Schrotter in Moto2"

We think you'll know right away if this is the sort of thing for you. It's maybe not for us, but we can see the appeal. You'll certainly stand more chance of being noticed on the road...

Mike Wazowski Monsters Inc HJC helmet"

More info HERE.



Much like football kit, designed to milk the most bucks from the basic product.. HJC had the recent star wars line too.... still a step up from the MotoGP track specific specials that are a VR46/AGV cash in.

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