Top 10 Designs for Race Replicas

A countdown of the best designs adapted to road bikes for the perfect race replica

When done properly race replica paint jobs can make a bike individual and stand out in the carpark, however dealer showrooms have recently been populated by factory released race replicas.

Now it has become commonplace to see a Suzuki GSX-R1000 adorned with Rizla sponsorship, a Honda Fireblade with liveried with Repsol decals and a rolling Fiat advert on a Yamaha R1.

The main question is whether originality really exists for motorcyclists; if you are looking at a new paint job have a look at our unique list of race replica paint jobs.

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10. Castrol Honda

10.  Castrol Honda

This is likely to be the most cliché member of the list, the Castrol Honda paint scheme was pioneered in the mid to late 90’s with race success on board the Honda RC45/SP2 with Aaron Slight, Colin Edwards and John Kocinski.

What would it look good on: Obviously this style has to be adapted to a Honda with past appearances on old (and battered) CBR600 and VFR400s, but applying this design to modern Honda’s would set a CBR 600RR or Fireblade apart from the typical Hannspree Ten Kate rep.

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9. Chesterfield Aprilia

9. Chesterfield Aprilia

Max Biaggi and the beautiful black Aprilia RS250 were constantly at the forefront of the middleweight class dominating the 250 Grand Prixs, taking championship victories

What would it look good on: It would be easy to dress an Aprilia RSV4 in the AlItalia design of the factory team, but to take the classic Aprilia design and apply it to the modern superbike would create a whole new creative aspect.

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8. Air Jordan

8. Air Jordan

What does retired basketball legend Michael Jordan do with his tons of cash; launch an AMA Superbike team of course. The Air Jordan team is currently taking success in the hands American hard man Aaron Yates.

What would it look good on: There have been some different colour combinations to the Jordan Suzuki since their inception including black/gold, a baby blue/white and the current all white. It would be easy to put this design on any modern day Suzuki.

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7. Lucky Strike Yamaha

7. Lucky Strike Yamaha

In 1989 Lucky Strike sponsored the Kenny Roberts Yamaha team running the 500 Grand Prix rookie Wayne Rainey, the Californian rocketed into the premier class displaying the consistency that would turn him into one of the greatest racers of all time.

What it would look good on: Typically Lucky Strike replica designs have appeared on GSX-R’s but a complete escape from this standard would be to apply the Roberts Yamaha GP design to an R1 or R6 as an alternative to the current Yamaha race reps.

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6. Pepsi Suzuki

6. Pepsi Suzuki

Rivals on the track and off it, the competition between Rainey and Schwantz has descended upon this top 10 with the replica design on the Yamaha of Rainey being edged out by the big name Pepsi sponsor which coated the side panel of Kevin Schwantz’s RGV500 in 1988/9.

What it would look good on: Amongst a myriad of Rizla reps on GSX-R’s the Pepsi design would be a unique welcome to the Suzuki bodywork.

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5. Rumi Honda

5. Rumi Honda

Fred Merkel was the first ever World Superbike champion onboard the deep purple, Rumi tuned RC30. Merkel came to the global scene after success in USA taking two successive World Superbike championship victories. The Rumi purple then moved its way to the RC45 with Simon Crafar (pictured).

What would it look good on:  Purple is a departure from the safe colour palette used by the motorcycle industry, plus the retro colour way would allow for anorak respect at bike meets.

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4. Kawasaki KR500

4. Kawasaki KR 500

Kawasaki’s major Grand Prix success came in the 250 and 350 classes in the hands of South African Kork Ballington, The ‘Green Meanie’ of the 500 class couldn’t replicate the success of the lower capacity Kawasaki with only a couple of third place finishes.

What it would look good on:  The plain green of Kawasaki’s can be brought to life with the retro red and white stripes that stretch across the side panel and the yellow number plates that denoted the 500 class. Take the whole race replica a step further by stripping the tank of all paint and recreate the aluminium look of the original.

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3. Seven Stars Honda

3. Seven Stars Honda

The black Seven Stars design adorned Honda’s factory entry in the Suzuka 8hr, under the control of Honda golden boy Ryuichi Kiyonari. With the partnership of Honda stalwart, Tohru Ukawa they won the 2005 event.

What would it look good on:  Strictly Hondas only.

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2. Rothmans Honda

2. Rothmans Honda

Cigarette sponsors provided some of the coolest paint schemes in the 1980’s and the navy blue design transferred perfectly from the packet to coat the dominant Honda’s of the late 80s era of Grand Prix racing.

What would it look good on:  With the latest motorcycle offerings from Honda having a limited fairing canvas this design would probably be more suitable for the older modern superbikes from the Japanese manufacturer.

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1. Yoshimura Suzuki

1. Yoshimura Suzuki

Simply put, the trademark black and red colour scheme of Yoshimura can make any Suzuki look cool. Yoshimura overtook the might of Honda at the Suzuki 8hr winning in 2007, putting an end to a 10 year winning streak.

What would it look good on: Suzuki and Yoshimura have a life long marriage and the idea of putting this on a Kawasaki or Honda would be blasphemous.