Prius driver knocks off bikers, gets tiny fine

From the land of the (getting off scot) free

A CALIFORNIAN Toyota Prius driver has been fined $20 for knocking off a biker while using his smartphone to record video.

The 19-year old Prius driver got his phone out to film some bikers who were passing him in the outside lane. Distracted by the phone, he veered into the other lane, hitting one of the bikers

His car then crashed into a dividing wall and another motorcyclist before coming to a stop. Some bikers in the group went over to the crashed car and started beating up the driver, witnesses have said.

The result? The Prius driver will be cited for distracted driving under California's prohibition on using 
handheld phones while driving, which comes with a $20 fine for a first violation and a $50 fine for subsequent convictions.

As for the Prius driver's beating, the bikers responsible could be charged with battery -- the intentional use of force against another person. If convicted, battery is punishable by up to six months in 
jail and a $2,000 fine in California.