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A learner can ride WHAT in Australia?!

Instalment three of Visordown's Bizarre Biking Laws

Laura Thomson's picture
Submitted by Laura Thomson on Thu, 12/04/2018 - 14:25

A learner can ride WHAT in Australia?!

NOW this law will seem weird to riders in the UK, where a learner can only ride a 125cc bike.

But in Australia, riders on any of the three learner license categories - that's Learner, Provisional 1 or Provisional 2 - are permitted to ride motorcycles up to 660cc, providing they don't exceed a power to weight ratio of 150 kilowatts per tonne.

On the list of permitted motorcycles is Ducati's 659 Monster, Honda's CBR650F and even BMW's F650GS, among other. 

There's only one catch - riders on Learner and P1 licences can only ride automatic bikes. But if you're into maxi-scooters (like editor Al) then you're in luck!

So if you're looking for an easy way to get on a big bike, here's your answer: do your test Down Under.

(We can't promise you'll be able to ride the Harley in the above photo, however)




"There's only one catch - riders on Learner and P1 licences can only ride automatic bikes"...err, not true, you can learn on a manual from the get go. My son went through the motorbike course on his L's before he learnt to drive a car, he went through the process here in Adelaide on a CF Moto 650Nk. As long as you have the correct bike learner permit to go with your car learner permit or P's, a manual is fine.

What Bluey2_2 said. If you learn on a scooter with CVT rather than gears you can't ride a real bike. Letting learners and probationary riders ride 660's is an attempt to stop riders going from 250s to litre bikes when they come off restrictions, which is what happened under the old regulations.

Here in New Zealand we have adopted the Aussie learner laws. Many bikes have learner and full power versions (You mentioned the Monster 659). There's also the 655cc 50hp version of the Yamaha MT-07 (originally the only model we could get, and we still don't get a full power 700 Tracer). You can also ride any bike up to 250cc except a list of non-approved two strokes (RGV NSR etc) on your learners.

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