Motorcycle Track Guide: Brands Hatch Indy - Paddock Hill Bend to Druids Bend

Racing legend Niall Mackenzie walks you through a lap of the popular Brands Hatch Indy circuit

Posted: 15 June 2012
by Niall Mackenzie

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Paddock Hill bend to Druids

With standard road gearing on my Yamaha R6 I’ll be in fifth gear over the start/finish line as I head into Paddock Hill bend. Unless your bike is geared specifically, there’s no point bothering with sixth here. The track rises up and this is where you begin braking while shifting down to third gear.

Focus on the marshal’s post straight in front of you, which means you can brake harder and later since the bike is upright longer. At first this gives the impression that you’ll miss the apex but, releasing the brake, keep a closed throttle and the inside of the turn comes back nicely.

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