Motorcycle Track Guide: Croft

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Submitted by TH on Fri, 08/06/2012 - 13:00

The first records of racing at Croft date back to the '20s, but it was only after World War 2 that Croft circuit became a significant motorsport venue. Before it temporarily closed in 1981, Croft was a mega fast triangle with a scary Armco barrier in your path as you entered what was the old start finish straight.

These days it has been totally transformed into a brilliant, well kept facility with friendly people in charge. Unfortunately, due to the nasty noise police, bike days are fewer than before but it's well worth a trip up to the North East to ride this excellent 2.1 mile circuit.

Like all airfield circuits, Croft is mostly fast and flat but it has a challenging, tight complex section just before the start/finish. It's narrow compared to the likes of Donington but the surface is grippy in both wet and dry conditions. It is a physically demanding track and also quite bumpy so a good suspension set up will certainly add to your enjoyment.

Croft is a fun and rewarding to ride but being narrow and fast means if you attack before you know where you are going you could pay a price. As always, lots of laps at a steady pace is the key to building confidence and ultimately enjoyment.

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