Christini announce 2012 2WD line-up

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Posted: 10 February 2012
by Visordown News

AMERICAN maker of two-wheel-drive bikes, Christini, has just announced its 2012 line-up including the new AWD 450DS dual sport machine (pictured), a 450 Supermoto, its latest 3000cc machine and a 250cc version as well as the company's original 450cc off-roader.

Surprisingly reasonably priced – the line up starts at $6895 in America, with the road-legal DS coming in at $7695 – they represent about the only real two-wheel-drive bikes that you'd ever stand a chance of getting your hands on.

But what really grabbed us was the mention that the firm last year signed a deal to supply bikes to the US military. Digging deeper, it turns out that the two-wheel-drive, Honda-CRF-based military machines are being used by American special forces in Afghanistan. Yes, Delta Force has a bespoke bike just like Chuck Norris did back in the 1980s... Can't find a photo of one, but here's hoping it's got rockets like Chuck's.

Check out the civvie versions at

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