STOP! Hammertime

On the surface of it, it doesn't look like a great bike for commuting, but...

Victory have kindly leant us a Victory Hammer S and I've been riding it this week. I'd ridden one last year but only briefly and it left a great impression. I was racing a guy on a Z1000 through London and was so impressed with the ease at which you can get the mighty Hammer S off the line. And so was the guy on the Z1000.

So you wouldn't think with its long wheelbase and gargantuan weight that it would be any good for the daily commute but it's a blast. Ok, so you can't nip through traffic with the nimbleness of a 50cc scoot, but the Victory's open pipes let everyone know you're coming, keep pedestrians on the pavement and stop cyclists weaving into your path.

When my non-biking mates saw it, it split opinion. Two loved it and the other two hated it. Which is weird, because big in-your-face cruisers usually have non-bikers going weak at the knees.

I took one of the guys for a spin and laughed as he clambered all over me when I first pinned the throttle. He spent the rest of the time clung onto me like a rucksack. He loved it though, it's a proper laugh and it gets a big thumbs up from me.