Living with a 2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R

Wozza fawns over the high classed superbike Top Trump card that is the Kawasaki ZX-10R

July 2006

I love this bike because it is far too much, and that's exactly how 1000cc superbikes should be. It's too powerful (164bhp at the back wheel), it's too fast (186.1mph flat out), and it really is too green. Disgustingly and violently so. I mean, look at it. If it were a Top Trump, none of the other bikes in the class would even get a look in.

I don't need it. Of course I don't. I live in London and do far too many miles around town hopping from one lunch here to another opening of an envelope there for anything other than a C90 to make sense half the time. But 'need' and 'sense' are not what this bike is about. The ZX-10R is about want. And I want. Badly. I just can't help myself. And that's despite the hammering my man sack is taking as the ZX's track-oriented suspension fails to cope with pothole after pothole on our capital city's streets.

So when the day came to collect it from Kawasaki HQ in leafy Bourne End I was nearly weeing myself with excitement. I filled in the loan forms with a shaking hand and just about kept my composure until I'd made it the mile or so back to the M40, whereupon I hoiked a ridiculous wheelie all the way down the sliproad before riding home at record pace to spend the rest of the day hiding behind my sofa convinced the police would be knocking on the door at any minute to take me away.

It's going to be a good summer.