BMW Adventure goes forth...

Getting mucky on the big Beemer

The news that the Met Office officially lied about it being a 'barbeque summer' should hardly comes as news, but it hurts nonetheless. Bastards. The Adventure and I have been celebrating by getting up to our axles in mud and snot.

There's some great off-roading near my gaff, so of an evening and to let off steam we head for the nearest bog and do our best to get stuck. With Continental TKC80s fitted, it's amazing what the Adventure will chug through/over/up. It weighs so much that the ground doesn't really have a chance, 350kgs of bike and rider finding bedrock and grinding their way up anything.

Being boring, I've decided to keep the Adventure completely stock. I fitted a full exhaust system last year that, although saving some 7kgs in weight, threatened to make me stone-deaf in my left ear. BMW flat-twins don't sound deep and boomy like V-twins, they're high-pitched and painful if too loud. Power Commander? It's an Adventure, not a GSX-R1000. Luggage? Comes with all the space in the world. GPS - official BMW item fitted. I need no more.

The GPS is a feisty little thing, sometimes not finding satellites for 10mins. Grr. The gearshift has been playing up a little and the guys at Vines of Guildford are going to try a little mod to stop it occasionally getting unhappy in 4th; will advise.

Otherwise, nearly 9,000 miles of brilliant motoring. A courier even said this morning that "this is a beautiful bike." First time I've ever heard that...