Shark unveil new Race-R Pro helmet for 2011

New top of the line race helmet from Shark

Shark have unveiled the replacement for their top of the line race helmet - the new Race-R Pro.

Taking over as the flagship race helmet, the main feature that stands out in the redesign is the two-blade spoiler at the back. The aerodynamics of the helmet have been created through CFD (computational fluids dynamics) for improved airflow with the spoiler positioned to eliminate drag. But the main point is it gives the Race-R Pro a radical look from all angles.

The Race-R Pro has been wind tunnel tested but also gains the thumbs up from ace-crasher Randy de Puniet, with the test riders retaining stability at speeds around 180mph.

Constructed from Carbon Aramid fibres, the helmet is so delicately light that you feel like you should be cradling a polystyrene mock-up but there is the assurance that it’ll protect you from blunt force trauma, should you part from your ride.

In terms of ventilation, across the Race-R Pro there are four air scoops and seven extractor ports. For those conscientious about pollution and the quality of air there is an integrated air filter in the chin vent.

The visor also has an impressive field of vision with no optical distortion as it is minimised by the varied thickness, decreasing at the centre of the visor from 4mm to 2.9mm for an enhanced peripheral side-view.

Amongst the graphics and colour schemes available there is an element for personalisation with a plate at the back of the helmet. Debate was had to what we would put on the back - best I could think of was, ‘If you can read this you’re too close’.

The helmet will be available to the public in December/January with prices ranging from £499.99 to £549.99.