New: Shift-It Bug Buster

Visor and helmet cleaner for when things get messy on the move

Do you remember that yellow thing in the sky? I think they call it the sun and we occasionally see it in summer. 

And summer means flies, lots of them. Especially if you're doing a mad sun's-going-down blast in which case your visor and lid will be peppered with the little blighters.

Shift-It's new Bug Buster is designed to remove dead flies and that sticky fly-gunk that the little bastards leave all over your visor when they crash into it. The clumsy fools.

One Bug Buster reusable visor sponge pack costs £3.75 and includes a sponge, polishing cloth and bag to store them on the move.

We're gonna test it out and let you know how we get on. We just need that sun to come out..

See for more info,

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