Bridgestone tyres 2012 sneak preview

At a damp and misty Snetterton 100 we caught a glimpse of the 2012 Bridgestone range

In November Bridgestone were shooting their 2012 range of tyres ready for launches next year. I was invited to the super-short Snetterton 100 to help out with riding some bikes.

It hadn’t been long since I'd ridden at Snetterton and I was all too familiar with the new part of the track named ‘the 100’. The tall-geared CBR1000R Fireblade on loan from the Ron Haslam Race School didn’t really get to stretch its legs, however the new Hyper-sport S20’s made up for it through the tight bends. The all-new Battlax S20’s felt super sticky with the cut-slick-esque lack of tread that I’ve come to expect from a top of the range hyper sports mould.

The S20 sits as part of the Hyper-sport range alongside the BT016s, designed to offer great road riding performance in most conditions.

The other bikes at Snetterton included the VFR1200 which was kitted out with Bridgestone’s BT21 sport touring tyre, the ‘bus’ handled the track well and was far from disappointing.

The morning was cold but dry and by the afternoon the rain put an end to the fun. By 3 o’clock all the shots were in and the creative team had some photographic loveliness to work with.

Keep your eyes peeled for more MotoGP derived technology in the Bridgestone range next year

Pics by Alex James

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