2011 Triumph Speed Triple - Long term test bike

First impressions on this years test bike

The 2011 Speed Triple is Triumph's latest overhaul of this iconic bike. It has a new frame, new suspension, new swingarm, wheels, bodywork, tank, new clocks, new headlights, in fact pretty much everything is new, everything except the engine that is!

Many look at a bike's engine as its heart and soul. The way it puts down the power determines how polite it is, how aggressive it is, how easy to ride it is. Essentially its a big part of how a bike makes you feel.

With the new model however Triumph have managed to make this engine feel totally different to last years model. It’s more aggressive, more angry, more powerful, it’s louder and more punchy.

We ran a back to back test of both models last weekend so more pictures and a full write up to follow shortly. Overall first impressions are this is an all new bike with a lot more attitude.