Niall's Spin: Kawasaki ER-6n

Do you want the funky touch to your bike? Give the Kawasaki ER-6n a try...

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THE ER-6n IS Kawasaki's rendition of a funky first real bike. A development from the dowdy ER-5, it's
actually a lot more bike than you might assume.

Despite being a twin it does a fair job of keeping up with the four-cylinder opposition and offers superior midrange - it pulls from 5 to 7000rpm the way a proper bike should. This is big bike riding on a 75 per cent scale.

The brakes are the same. They feel superbike but perform real-world - competent and user-friendly. It'll certainly teach good habits. The only downside to this scaling exercise is that it's a bit cramped, especially in the legroom, for the taller rider. The little instrument binnacle and radiator shrouds offer some wind protection though (and there's the option of the fully faired ER-6f).

But where the ER-6 scores is the styling: the exposed frame, cantilever assymetric rear suspension, the Buell-like exhaust and some funky colours. Yeah, it looks cool. Reasonable price too. There is some evidence of being built to a price though, so it will pay to be fastidious with your cleaning.


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