Zero Zero SR/F

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For the petrolheads out there currently (geddit???) frothing at the mount and punching the keyboard in disgust – move along, this isn’t the motorcycle you are looking for.

Right – for the rest of you level-headed folk out there this is the biggest jump Zero have made to in electric motorcycling. It’s fast, fun and good looking enough to make people look twice as you whizz down the road. Is it the best looking electric bike out there? In my mind no it’s not as pretty as the Energica Ego, which in my mind is a much sportier proposition with better handling and brakes if B-road scratching is in order.

So, the big question – is it ready to take the space of the petrol-powered bike that’s sat in your garage? Yes, but only if a few caveats are met. If you don’t tour, do trackdays and don’t travel more than 50-miles to work – then yes, with a couple of compromises and changes to your routine – the Zero SR/F could be the perfect bike for you.

If you want it to stop, go, handle and refuel like a petrol powered machine – I’m sorry we aren’t quite there… yet.


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