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Pillion predicament


I once had a pillion fall of my motorcycle. Young, foolish and the proud owner of an RGV250 I was stopped at a large junction with my best mate on the back of the bike. Now for the record, let it be said that his attention was never particularly focused. The exception being whenever we passed a shiny shop window part and he felt the need to adjust the large Bob Marley beanie he had managed to stretch over his crash helmet.

Needless to say, when the traffic lights turned green he wasn't prepared for me to shoot off to other side of the crossing. One minute he was perched on the rear seat and the next he was hovering in the air like Wile E. Coyote. The laughs from car drivers lined up behind us only got louder has he proceeded to run embarrassingly across the junction in the middle of the road after me, rather than use the pavement like the pedestrian he had just become.

Like my mate, the pillion in the video above also falls of the back of the bike. She was apparently unhurt, but I imagine there would be completely different set of red cheeks as a result of this emergency brake technique.

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