Born Again Motorist Pt2.5

Nearly There - The Theory

Another motivation for getting on with getting my bike licence is that the rules change next year in October, so it'll be longer, harder and far more expensive than what it is now. But for me, and for now, the Theory test has just got that bit harder and longer already. Apparently, the test now requires you to get 43 out of 50 questions about the queens highways correct, rather than the original 30 out of 35.Bugger!!So that means, if I fail this, does it mean that I am no longer roadworthy and they revoke my licence, I DON'T THINK SO!! So why the hell am I here, doing a test on road knowledge that I have already proven (apart from the six expired points on my licence that says otherwise) I can stick to. But never mind, they have my thirty quid (or thereabouts) and I'll just have to make do, 'live for the experience' - mmph!!

So, my test is first thing in the morning, I stand outside the building where the test takes place, waiting for it to open. I wait and I wait. A few other people turn up, and my time slot has already passed, but still no one has opened the place. Eventually, some guy comes up with a bunch of keys in his grasp and he opens the main doors, I hope this isn't the start of a bad day!

We are all lead upstairs to a waiting room, which is specifically for people doing their theory, I feel a bit out of place as I am the only person in the room who isn't a teenager. From the prim and proper who you just know will make it to University, to the Kevin and Perry ilk, who will begrudgingly make it to the test room, if you ask them nicely.

My name gets called and I am relieved when they say for me to proceed for my motorcycle theory, it separated me from the others, saying that I am now one step further and there for a different reason, not just a late developer just getting his head 'round cars for the first time.

It starts off with the questions and multiple choice answers. I pile through it, and then I went back and double checked every answer and revisited for a third time ones I was unsure of. I finished with time to spare, which is always concerning, as I feel I should maybe have taken more time to consider my answers. But if I don't know them by now, I think they should have every reason to take my licence away.

Next up was the Hazard Perception, I had to watch and listen to the intro a couple of times just to be sure that I had understood things properly. I'm normally the type of person who will listen to the first half of something and either switch off (low concentration span) or dive in and get on with it (over eager, impatient). Basically, you need to click the mouse every time you see a potential hazard, and also you get better marks when you see a main hazard developing and respond appropriately.

I finished the test and I was directed to the reception desk where I was handed an envelope, the test results (bloody hell that was quick), were inside. I got my jacket together and opened the envelope............CONGRATULATIONS blah blah blah!!!I had passed!!! Which is just as well since I had the DAS already booked, and there wouldn't have been enough time for me to rebook. Phew!!

Next up is THE D.A.S.

Should be a breeze!

PS I tried to scan the test results and post, but couldn't work it out. But for those of you who are interested, I got 49 out of 50 :-D

Dead chuffed!!

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