Weston Beach Race competitors re-live the action

Post-Weston Beach Race interviews tell the tail of one of Britain’s toughest motorcycle races

Weston Beach Race competitors re-live the action

FROM the big-name stars to the 19-year-old Somerset lad who won, here’s what competitors had to say after one of Britain's biggest motorcycle sporting events.

Nineteen-year-old winner Todd Kellett (pictured above-right with brother Ty) said: “It’s a really emotional win. I think eight years ago I won in the 65cc class, four years ago I won in the 85cc class, but to win the adult class, well I can’t put it into words, I’m over the moon. I got the holeshot, and the battle was so intense it was like a motocross race. Every time I tried to get close to Tanel or pass him, it took a lot of energy. In the first hour I let him go, as I didn’t think he could go that fast for that long, but I eventually caught him. I did over two hours on a quad yesterday and I woke up this morning wondering if it was a good idea, but it’s been great fun. We were sixth in the two-man quad, so for the results this weekend I couldn’t have asked for any more. To repeat last year’s result in the solos, of Ty and I both being in the top 10, I didn’t think would be possible. Ty has been so busy with work but he pulled it out of the bag, it’s been incredible. Of course I really want to thank Crescent KTM, mum, dad, my girlfriend and everyone helping out, as they all put a lot into this.”

The MVR-D Fuel 10K Husqvarna rider Tanel Leok has been quiet post-race. The Estonian understandably thought the win was his when a premature chequered flag bumped him to second. His team posted this on Facebook: “Feels like we have been mugged a bit today. The race was stopped early but not in a clear way. Hats off to Todd Kellet though, great ride! Shame for Tanel but Racing goes that way sometimes. Second doesn't sound as good as first!”

Sixth-placed Jonny Walker said: “I super enjoyed it, and I’m definitely going to be back next year. I got a really good start, around the top three, but when I came round for the second lap I came over a dune a little bit into the race and smashed right into a pile-up. I was in the air by the time I saw it, so it was a bit of a mistake, and I hurt my leg. It took a while to get going, then I had to pit, so we refueled and tried to get the bike sorted. I then had to play catch-up from around 20th place. That one mistake cost me a lot; I’m not saying I could have won it, but I definitely could have been closer to the front. I really enjoyed it; I just think I need to be not so rushed in the first laps and ride a bit safer. It’s been a great experience.”

Stunt supremo Robbie Maddison, who finished 46th, said: “Man, this has been one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in a long time. I haven’t raced motocross for over 18 years, and I’ve not been on a start line in that intense situation for a very long time. I didn’t know what to expect, and you can’t knock something until you’ve tried it. It seems brutal, but it was also a lot of fun, and it’s a different technique to normal riding with the sand like it is. It was cool to be racing and it brought back memories of the past; I could hear my dad’s voice in the back of my head telling me to look forwards and get on my foot-pegs. It was so cool to brush off my roots of racing as a young kid and it’s definitely inspired me to get on the tracks to ride more and maybe prepare to come back next year to do better. I’m so stoked to finish in the top 50, I wasn’t even sure I’d finish the race. I 100% want to come back and bring some friends, I just had such a great time over here and the fans were great. It was an awesome weekend, an awesome event and I’d like to support it.”

Scott Redding, who came 93rd, said: "I was really looking forward to racing here at Weston for the first time, until I actually arrived and saw the track! It looked a lot more challenging in real life than it did on the videos I'd been watching. I was happy to finish inside the top 100 at my first attempt. If I'm honest, I was pretty happy just to finish. It was tough out there today but at the same time it was great fun. The atmosphere here at Weston is incredible and there were some great characters out there racing today. Congratulations to Todd on the win; he really earned that champagne today."

Gareth Hockey, Director of racer organiser RHL Activities, said: “I’d like to congratulate Todd, who is a local rider, on taking the win and providing us with some great entertainment. Having Robbie, Jonny and Scott here was really good; they were exceptional and did a brilliant job with the fans.”

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