Hopkins out for rest of season

Stiggy Honda man sidelined after doctors discover minor brain trauma

JOHN HOPKINS looks set to miss the rest of the 2009 World Superbike series after doctor's discovered some minor bruising to the rear of the American's brain, following the first lap pile-up at last weekend's WSB race.

Hopkins suffered a variety of injuries when he was run over during the first race at the Nurburgring, Germany. At first, doctors believed the Stiggy Honda rider had escaped with minor injuries, but further medical tests revealed some bruising to Hopkins' brain.

Hopkins told Road Racing that he thinks he's likely to be out for the rest of the season, as doctors want to keep a close eye on the brain injury for the next 6-8 weeks.

On his website, Hopkins' wife writes:

"This? morning? we? had? an? appointment? with? a? neurologist? as? Dr? Ting? found? something? unusual? going? on? in? John’s? brain? and? wanted? a? specialist? to? take? a? look? before? they? even? thought? about? performing? surgery,? and? of? course? to? check? there? is? no? serious? damage? to? the? brain.

Everything? went? ok,? there? is? a? small? bruise? to? the? back? of? the? brain? that? was? bleeding? but? not? anymore.? They? have? rescheduled? John? to? come? back? in? 6? weeks? to? re? check? and? see? if? there? is? any? change? in? size.

Once? he? gave? the? all? clear? on? going? under? for? surgery,? Tings? assistant? Tuan? “? made? it? happen”? and? rescheduled? a? surgery? so? that? they? could? sort? John? out? that? day.?

Surgery? took? place? around? 5pm? and? didn’t? wrap? up? till? around? 7.30-8pm.

I? waited? in? the? recovery? room? till? he? eventually? came? around.? He? is? so? funny? to? be? around? when? he? does,? complete? joker!? The? nurses? love? him? and? kept? repeating? him? self? like? 5x? over? ;)"

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Hopper!

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