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IOMTT: Tuesday evening practice times

44-year-old Bruce Anstey breaks the 130mph barrier during second practice

WEATHER conditions were once again perfect for the second Isle of Man TT practice with Bruce Anstey still setting the pace with the first 130mph lap on the Valvoline Racing/Padgetts Honda.

McGuinness came close to Anstey’s blistering pace after setting a 129.395mph lap whilst Michael Dunlop had mechanical issues which saw him pull in on his Superbike at the Nook before running back to the grandstand.  

Conor Cummins and Michael Rutter crossed the 128mph barrier on their first Superbike lap with Guy Martin and Gary Johnson in the 127mph bracket. 

James Hillier set the fastest Superstock time of 126.243mph on his first lap from a standing start with Michael Dunlop not far behind setting a lap of 125.840mph on his BMW Superstock machine.

With the majority of riders crossing the line to complete a flying a lap the pace increased. The Flying Kiwi was the man to watch on the Valvoline/Padgetts Honda as he completed his flying lap in just over 17 minutes pushing him close to the 131mph barrier.

After mechanical and technical issues hampered Martin’s first practice session on Monday he finished third quickest with a lap of 129.164mph on the Tyco Suzuki  with his team-mate William Dunlop finishing seventh quickest with a 127mph lap followed by Gary Johnson.

Both Dan Kneen and Ian Hutchinson improved their times from Monday after completing 125mph laps on their Superbike machines, over 40 seconds slower than Anstey’s pace.

Newcomer Peter Hickman has continued to impress finishing his session 34th overall and just short of a 120mph lap by 0.316mph.

It was John Holden and Andy Winkle who finished at the top of sidecar timesheets as Dave Molyneux and passenger Patrick Farrance retired on the opening lap at Molyneux’s own corner of the TT course and were therefore unable to get themselves and their machine back to the grandstand.

The sidecar practice session was cut short due to a red flag after there was an incident at Kerrowmoar involving Nev Jones and Miral Vorel. The passenger, Vorel, was airlifted to Nobles with possible leg fractures, but the driver was reported to be ok.

1. Bruce Anstey Honda 17:18.000 130.860mph
2. John McGuinness Honda/Honda Racing 17:29.715 129.395mph
3. Guy Martin Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 17:31.591 129.164mph
4. Michael Dunlop BMW/BMW/Hawk Racing 17:32.669 129.032mph
5. Michael Rutter BMW 17:35.154 128.728mph
6. Conor Cummins Honda 17:35.231 128.719mph
7. William Dunlop Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 17:41.902 127.910mph
8. Gary Johnson Honda/Lincs Lifting Ltd 17:43.590 127.707mph
9. Dan Kneen Suzuki/Cookstown B.E.Racing 17:59.263 125.853mph
10. Ian Hutchinson Yamaha/Milwaukee Yamaha 18:06.401 125.026mph

Fastest newcomer: 34. Peter Hickman* BMW/Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 18:54.888 119.684


1. Lee Johnston Honda/Pirtek Honda 18:17.131 123.803mph
2. Gary Johnson Triumph/Smiths 18:19.142 123.576mph
3. Michael Rutter Triumph/Smiths Triumph 18:20.693 123.402mph
4. William Dunlop Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 18:23.729 123.063mph
5. Dean Harrison Yamaha/MARTRAIN YAMAHA 18:25.567 122.858mph
6. Guy Martin Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 18:26.060 122.803mph
7.  Joshua Brookes Yamaha/Milwaukee Yamaha 18:30.649 122.296mph
8. Michael Dunlop Honda/MD Racing 18:30.998 122.258mph
9. John McGuinness Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycles 18:32.940 122.044mph
10. Keith Amor Honda/RigDeluge Honda 18:33.028 122.035mph
Fastest newcomer: 49. Alan Bonner* Yamaha/ trans 19:54.391 113.722mph


1. James Hillier Kawasaki/Quattro Plant Muc-Off Kawasaki 17:55.922 126.243mph
2. Michael Dunlop BMW/MD Racing 17:59.370 125.840mph
3. Michael Rutter BMW/Bathams Prize Winning Ales 18:03.805 125.325mph
4. Bruce Anstey Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycle 18:05.878 125.086mph
5. John McGuinness Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycles 18:10.737 124.529mph
6. Dan Kneen Suzuki/Marks Bloom Racing 18:14.405 124.111mph
7. David Johnson Kawasaki/Lloyd and Jones PR Kawasaki 18:20.612 123.411mph
8. Dean Harrison Kawasaki/RC Express racing by MSS Performance 18:23.381 123.102mph
9. Russ Mountford Kawasaki/Silicone Engineering Racing 18:23.483 123.090mph
10. Dan Stewart Kawasaki/SMT / WILCOCK Racing 18:26.616 122.742mph
Fastest newcomer: 28. Peter Hickman* BMW/Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 18:54.888 119.684mph


1. Ivan Lintin Kawasaki/Mckinstry Racing 19:17.982 117.297mph
2. Keith Amor Kawasaki/KMR Kawasaki/SGS International 19:35.036 115.595mph
3. James Cowton Kawasaki/STUART SMITH RACING 19:40.746 115.036mph
4. Oliver Linsdell Paton/PEP Moto Italia / Flitwick Motorcycles 19:41.628 114.950mph
5. James Hillier Kawasaki/Quattro Plant Muc-Off Kawasaki 19:43.758 114.743mph
6. Ryan Farquhar Kawasaki/KMR kawasaki/SGS International 19:46.768 114.452mph
7. Gary Johnson WK Bikes/CF Moto/WK Bikes 19:51.308 114.016mph
8. Jamie Hamilton Kawasaki/Stewart Smith Racing. 19:54.862 113.677mph
9. Dean Harrison Kawasaki/RC Express racing by MSS Performance 20:00.002 113.190mph
10. Lee Johnston Kawasaki/Pirtek Honda 20:02.685 112.937mph
Fastest newcomer: 25. Daniel Webb* Kawasaki/KMR Kawasaki/SGS International 20:51.110 108.566mph


1. John Holden / Andrew Winkle LCR/Silicone Engineering/Barnes Racing 20:03.328 112.877mph
2. Ben Birchall / Tom Birchall Hanni LCR/Cofain Racing by Klaffi 20:12.239 112.047mph
3. Conrad Harrison / Mike Aylott Shelbourne Honda/PRINTING ROLLER SERVICES 20:40.908 109.459mph
4. Gary Bryan / Jamie Winn Baker/GBM UK / Drury Eng / Bass Tyres 20:59.349 107.856mph
5. Frank Lelias / Paul Knapton Suzuki/AOS Racing 21:00.787 107.733mph
6. Carl Fenwick / Phil Knapton Yamaha /P&H Construction Services Ltd 21:01.892 107.638mph
7. Wayne Lockey / Mark Sayers Other/Real Racing 21:03.600 107.493mph
8. Gregory Lambert / Kenny Honda/ 21:10.541 106.906mph
9. Gordon Shand / Phil Hyd Shand F2/Kevin Ashworth Machined Timber 21:26.159 105.607mph
10. Tony Baker / Fiona Baker Suzuki/CUMBRIA EXPRESS 21:29.163 105.361mph

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