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IOMTT: Monday evening practice times

Anstey sets pace in the first 2014 practice session

SATURDAY’S Isle of Man TT practice session was cancelled due to poor weather, but the conditions were perfect for Monday evenings practice with the ‘Flying Kiwi’ Bruce Anstey setting the pace at 127.473mph followed by John McGuinness.

As it was the first practice of the 2014 Isle of Man TT a newcomers speed controlled lap led by Richard ‘Milky’ Quayle began yesterday’s proceedings including British Superbike riders Peter Hickman and Martin Jessopp.

Ian Lougher, who retired at the end of last year, led the second wave of newcomers and the third wave led by John Barton included Moto3’s Danny Webb.

The next session started at 7pm with a mixture of Superbike, Supersport and Superstock machines. Michael Dunlop led the way on the road closely followed by his older brother William, Michael Rutter and Guy Martin.

Milwaukee’s Josh Brookes had mechanical issues with both his Supersport and Superbike machines as he wrote on Twitter after the session: Had a few problems tonight, hopefully the weather is ok tomorrow so I can get much needed laps in.”

As expected it was Michael Dunlop who completed the first lap of the mountain course at 125.265mph on his Superbike followed by his brother at 122.461mph on a Superstock machine. But it was on the second lap where McGuinness found his pace finishing 1.118mph behind Anstey.

Peter Hickman finished the session as the fastest newcomer with a lap of 115.103mph and even created a new record for becoming the fastest newcomer after the first practice session. Martin Jessop wasn’t far behind with a lap of 115.103mph on his Superstock machine as Danny Webb completed a respectable lap of 108.921mph.

Roads are set to close at 6pm this evening for the second practice session weather permitting.  

Superbike top ten:

1. Bruce Anstey Honda 17:45.544s 127.473mph
2. John McGuinness
Honda/Honda Racing 17:54.969s 126.355mph
3. Gary Johnson
Honda/Lincs Lifting Ltd 18:00.697s 125.686mph
4. William Dunlop
Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 18:03.155s 125.400mph
5. Michael Dunlop
BMW/BMW/Hawk Racing 18:03.721s 125.335mph
6. Michael Rutter
BMW/ 18:08.891s 124.740mph
7. Dan Kneen
Suzuki/Cookstown B.E.Racing 18:09.601s 124.658mph
8. Conor Cummins
Honda 18:20.886s 123.381mph
9. Dean Harrison
Kawasaki/RC Express racing by MSS Performance 18:24.357s 122.993mph
10. David Johnson
Kawasaki/Lloyd and Jones PR Kawasaki 18:37.555s 121.540mph
Fastest newcomer: 33. Peter Hickman*
BMW/Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 19:40.054s 115.103mph

Superstock top ten:

1. Michael Dunlop BMW/MD Racing 18:22.152s 123.239mph
2. William Dunlop
Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 18:29.153s 122.461mph
3. David Johnson Kawasaki/Lloyd and Jones PR Kawasaki 18:30.717s 122.289mph
4. Horst Saiger Kawasaki/ Kawasaki 18:40.541s 121.216mph
5. James Hillier Kawasaki 18:41.000s 121.167mph
6. Jamie Hamilton Honda 18:49.952s 120.207mph
7. Ryan Kneen Kawasaki 18:51.481s 120.044mph
8. Ivan Lintin
Honda 18:55.578s 119.611mph
9. Russ Mountford
Kawasaki/Silicone Engineering Racing 18:56.820s 119.481mph
10. Michael Rutter
BMW 1 18:58.123s 119.344mph
Fastest newcomer: 27. Peter Hickman* BMW/Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 19:40.054s 115.103mph

Supersport top ten:

1. Gary Johnson Triumph 18:27.727s 122.619mph
2. John McGuinness Honda 19:04.570s 118.672mph
3. Lee Johnston
Honda 19:09.304s 118.183mph
4. Dan Kneen
Honda/Cookstown B.E.Racing 19:10.092s 118.102mph
5. Dean Harrison Yamaha 19:10.222s 118.089mph
6. Russ Mountford Triumph/Silicone Engineering Racing 19:10.288s 118.082mph
7. Ivan Lintin Honda 19:11.396s 117.968mph
8. James Cowton Honda 19:14.905s 117.610mph
9. Ian Pattinson Weardale Racing 19:19.600s 117.133mph
10. Oliver Linsdell Flitwick Yamaha 19:20.788s 117.014mph

Sidecar top ten:

1.Dave Molyneux / Patrick Farrance DMR/DMR 19:47.828s 114.350mph
2. Ben Birchall / Tom Birchall Hanni
LCR/Cofain Racing by Klaffi 20:29.143s 110.506mph
3. Karl Bennett / Lee Cain
Kawasaki 21:04.076s 107.452mph
4. Ian Bell / Carl Bell*
Yamaha 21:06.414s 107.254mph
5. Frank Lelias / Paul Knapton
Suzuki 21:09.010s 107.035mph
6. Carl Fenwick / Phil Knapton
Yamaha 21:14.999s 106.532mph
7. Gary Bryan / Jamie Winn
Baker/GBM UK / Drury Eng / Bass Tyres 21:23.400s 105.835mph
8. Conrad Harrison / Mike Aylott
Shelbourne Honda/PRINTING ROLLER SERVICES 21:29.104s 105.366mph
9. Wayne Lockey / Mark Sayers
Other/Real Racing 21:39.411s 104.530mph
10. Gordon Shand / Phil Hyd
Shand F2/Kevin Ashworth Machined Timber 21:45.961s 104.00mph

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