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IOMTT: Friday's practice times

Dunlop breaks the 131mph barrier in last practice

MICHAEL Dunlop broke the 131mph barrier on his BMW Superbike in the last TT practice of 2014, only 1.3 seconds outside the outright lap record.

Gary Johnson broke the 130mph barrier on his Superstock bike from a standing start with a lap of 130.207mph. Guy Martin was close with 129.992mph on his Tyco Suzuki GSX-R1000.

The ‘Flying Kiwi’ Bruce Anstey set the pace on the second lap with a 130.642mph on his Superbike with John McGuinness just behind with a 129.790mph lap. Manxman Dan Kneen completed a personal best lap at 129.107mph placing him fifth overall.

Waiting until the last lap, Michael Dunlop got his head down to finish an astounding practice lap of 131.501mph on the BMW S1000RR placing him at the top of the timesheets and close to the outright lap record. Anstey and Martin were the only other two riders to lap at over 130mph on the Superbike.

Newcomer Peter Hickman took advantage of the course time and managed a lap of 123.329mph – his fastest lap of the week. Martin Jessopp – another British Superbike newcomer – finished just short of a 120mph lap by 0.082mph.

Johnson completed two laps on the Triumph to finish fastest of the week with a 125.934mph, William Dunlop slotted into third with a 124.475mph, only fractionally slower than his younger brother Michael.

No issues for Dave Molyneux/Patrick Farrance during this sidecar session as they finished fastest of the evening at 113.422mph closely followed by John Holden/Andy Winkler at 113.039mph.

The SES TT Zero class had their first outing on the Mountain course in the last evening of practice week. Bruce Anstey only made it to Quarterbridge before having to retire, but it was John McGuinness who managed to complete a lap of 111.904mph, a lap time of 20 minutes 13 seconds.

Paul Owen, Rob Wilson and Russ Mountford never made it back to the grandstand, but Buckeye’s Rob Barber and Italian outfit VercarMoto managed qualify.

Roads close for the first race day of TT 2014 at 10am on Saturday with the Superbike race set to start at 11am and the Sidecar race one at 2pm. 


1. Michael Dunlop BMW/BMW/Hawk Racing 17:12.901 131.501mph
2. Bruce Anstey Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycle 17:18.000 130.860mph
3. Guy Martin Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 17:24.014 130.102mph
4. John McGuinness Honda/Honda Racing 17:26.522 129.790mph
5. Dan Kneen Suzuki/Cookstown B.E.Racing 17:32.059 129.107mph
6. Michael Rutter BMW/Bathams Prize Winning Ales 17:33.884 128.883mph
7. Conor Cummins Honda/Honda Racing 17:35.231 128.719mph
8. William Dunlop Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 17:38.117 128.368mph
9. Gary Johnson Honda/Lincs Lifting Ltd 17:41.111 128.005mph
10. Joshua Brookes Yamaha/Milwaukee Yamaha 17:41.234 127.991mph


1. Gary Johnson Kawasaki/Lincs Lifting Ltd 17:23.173 130.207mph
2. Michael Dunlop BMW/MD Racing 17:30.219 129.333mph
3. Dean Harrison Kawasaki/RC Express racing by MSS Performance 17:36.021 128.622mph
4. James Hillier Kawasaki/Quattro Plant Muc-Off Kawasaki 17:45.754 127.448mph
5. Michael Rutter BMW/Bathams Prize Winning Ales 17:52.663 126.627mph
6. Conor Cummins Honda/RAF Reserves Racing 17:55.715 126.268mph
7. Bruce Anstey Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycle 18:00.791 125.675mph
8. John McGuinness Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycles 18:10.737 124.529mph
9. Jimmy Storrar BMW/ 18:12.865 124.286mph
10. Dan Kneen Suzuki/Marks Bloom Racing 18:14.405 124.111mph


1. Gary Johnson Triumph/Smiths 17:58.563 125.934mph
2. Michael Dunlop Honda/MD Racing 18:10.724 124.530mph
3. William Dunlop Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 18:11.203 124.475mph
4. Keith Amor Honda/RigDeluge Honda 18:12.252 124.356mph
5. Dean Harrison Yamaha/MARTRAIN YAMAHA 18:16.397 123.886mph
6. Michael Rutter Triumph/Smiths Triumph 18:16.505 123.874mph
7. Lee Johnston Honda/ 18:17.131 123.803mph
8. Joshua Brookes Yamaha/Milwaukee Yamaha 18:21.980 123.258mph
9. Bruce Anstey Honda/Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Motocycle 18:23.158 123.127mph
10. Guy Martin Suzuki/Tyco Suzuki 18:26.060 122.803mph


1. Dave Molyneux / Patrick Farrance DMR/DMR 19:47.828 114.350mph
2. John Holden / Andrew Winkle LCR/Silicone Engineering/Barnes Racing 20:01.602 113.039mph
3. Conrad Harrison / Mike Aylott Shelbourne Honda/PRINTING ROLLER SERVICES 20:09.151
4. Ben Birchall / Tom Birchall Hanni LCR/Cofain Racing by Klaffi 20:12.239 112.047mph
5. Tim Reeves / Gregory Cluze DMR/SMT 20:16.539 111.651mph
6. Karl Bennett / Lee Cain Kawasaki/T D racing 20:30.780 110.359mph
7. Gary Bryan / Jamie Winn Baker/GBM UK / Drury Eng / Bass Tyres 20:47.363 108.892mph
8. Ian Bell / Carl Bell* Yamaha/Ian Bell Motorcycles 20:56.002 108.143mph
9. Frank Lelias / Paul Knapton Suzuki/AOS Racing 21:00.787 107.733mph
10. Carl Fenwick / Phil Knapton Yamaha /P&H Construction Services Ltd 21:01.892 107.638mph

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