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IOMTT: Dunlop wins while Anstey breaks the 132mph barrier

Guy Martin takes his 14th podium, Manxman Conor Cummins finishes third

MICHAEL Dunlop won the first Superbike race of TT 2014 by a margin of 23.55s whilst Valvoline Racing’s Bruce Anstey made TT history by completing a lap at over 132mph.

Six laps of the 37 and three-quarter mile course saw Dunlop take his eighth TT victory on-board the BMW S1000RR despite talks of taking a year out due to ‘various complications attached to each offer’.

Dunlop caught Guy Martin, who started fourth, on the road even though the Irishman started 20 seconds behind the Tyco Suzuki rider. Conor Cummins rode his own race up into third and remained there until the chequered flag.

James Hillier led the first lap with TT Legend John McGuinness notably struggling to keep up with the pace presumably down to his wrist injury. Dunlop was soon to take the lead after smashing the outright lap record twice.

Many people thought it would be Dunlop who would complete the first ever lap of over 132mph, but surprisingly it was Anstey who broke Dunlop’s outright lap record on a Superbike by finishing his final lap at 132.298mph.

Gary Johnson was in the top five on the opening lap of the Superbike race along with Dean Harrison and Dan Kneen, but unfortunately Johnson retired at the Creg-ny-baa with mechanical issues.

Dunlop continued to add to his lead through every sector and was 9.3s clear of Martin. Hillier began to drop back allowing the Manxman Cummins to move into third as McGuinness slotted into six.

After only two laps the gap between Dunlop and Martin reached almost 17 seconds whilst Tyco Suzuki’s Guy Martin increased the gap to six seconds between himself and Cummins.

Before long Dunlop had caught McGuinness on the road – a clear sign that McGuinness was already 50 seconds down on Dunlop and struggling to maintain a pace at the front. Cummins began to pressure Martin by reducing the gap to under five seconds whilst Michael’s brother William began pressuring 20-times TT winner McGuinness.

Circulating around the course together, Dunlop and Martin almost took the chequered flag together on the road, but this of course did not indicate a close finish as each rider is set off at 10 second intervals.

Thanks to Dunlop’s sheer speed and determination to take on the challenge of riding the unproven BMW at the Isle of Man TT, it was BMW’s first Superbike win since German Georg Meier in 1939.

Martin took his 14th podium whilst three seconds behind Cummins finished on the last step of the rostrum in third.

McGuinness finished in seventh and said: It’s does feel strange not to be in the winners' enclosure, but I knew going in to the race that I might struggle. My wrist was holding me back in some places but in others it wasn’t on my mind.”

Newcomer Peter Hickman finished the second fastest newcomer in TT history finishing in 14th place with a final lap speed of 126.195mph. The former British Superbike rider was also the first privateer home.

Martin Jessopp and Danny Webb finished in 26th and 37th respectively both completing their fastest lap of the TT fortnight.  

There was drama in the sidecar race as Tom and Ben, the Birchall brothers, led on lap one whilst Dave Molyneux and passenger Patrick Farrance were obviously lacking top end speed.

Unfortunately the Birchall brothers didn’t make it to Glen Helen on the second lap and it was reported that they had crashed at Black Dub, both were conscious and were said to have minor injuries.

Molyneux took the lead closely followed by John Holden and Andy Winkle, however last lap drama saw Molyneux retired at the Hawthorn due to an electrical problem.

Holden and Winkle began to lose time allowing Conrad Harrison and Mike Aylott to close the minor time gap and take their first win by over 17 seconds. Tim Reeves and Gregory Cluze finished third.

Top 20 Superbike results:

1. Michael Dunlop BMW / BMW/Hawk Racing 01:45:46.384 128.415mph Silver
2. Guy Martin Suzuki / Tyco Suzuki 01:46:06.954 128.000mph Silver
3. Conor Cummins Honda / Honda Racing 01:46:09.934 127.940mph Silver
4. Bruce Anstey Honda / Valvoline Racing by Padgetts Moto 01:46:31.687 127.504mph Silver
5. Michael Rutter BMW / Bathams Prize Winning Ales 01:46:48.186 127.176mph Silver
6. William Dunlop Suzuki / Tyco Suzuki 01:46:57.992 126.982mph Silver
7. John McGuinness Honda / Honda Racing 01:46:58.772 126.966mph Silver
8. Dean Harrison Kawasaki / RC Express racing by MSS Perf 01:47:39.797 126.160mph Silver
9. James Hillier Kawasaki / Quattro Plant Muc-Off Kawasaki 01:48:04.777 125.674mph Silver
10. Joshua Brookes Yamaha / Milwaukee Yamaha 01:48:05.487 125.660mph Silver
11. Dan Kneen Suzuki / Cookstown B.E.Racing 01:48:20.997 125.360mph Silver
12. David Johnson Kawasaki / Lloyd and Jones PR Kawasaki 01:49:09.248 124.437mph Silver
13. Lee Johnston Honda / ECC / Pirtek Racing Honda 01:49:10.958 124.404mph Silver
14. Peter Hickman* BMW / Ice Valley by Motorsave Trade 01:50:58.103 122.402mph Silver
15. Dan Stewart Honda / SMT / WILCOCK Racing 01:52:11.142 121.074mph Bronze
16. Jimmy Storrar BMW / 01:52:14.942 121.006mph Bronze
17. Ivan Lintin Honda / Taylor Lindsey Racing 01:52:17.706 120.956mph Bronze
18. Russ Mountford Kawasaki / Silicone Engineering Racing 01:52:19.735 120.920mph Bronze
19. Stefano Bonetti Kawasaki / Speed Motor 01:52:27.674 120.778mph Bronze
20. Daniel Cooper Kawasaki / Tsingtao WK HMQ 01:52:35.025 120.646mph Bronze

Top 10 sidecar results:

1. Conrad Harrison / Mike Aylott Shelbourne Honda / PRINTING ROLLER S 59:34.820 113.987mph Silver
2. John Holden / Andrew Winkle LCR / Silicone Engineering/Barnes Racing 59:51.823 113.448mph Silver
3. Tim Reeves / Gregory Cluze DMR / SMT 01:00:08.410 112.926mph Silver
4. Ian Bell / Carl Bell* Yamaha / Ian Bell Motorcycles 01:01:31.122 110.396mph Silver
5. Karl Bennett / Lee Cain Kawasaki / T D racing 01:01:32.236 110.362mph Silver
6. Wayne Lockey / Mark Sayers Ireson Honda / Real Racing 01:01:58.646 109.579mph Silver
7. Darren Hope / Paul Bumfrey Kawasaki / ABLEC/BARLOGO 01:02:28.986 108.692mph Silver
8. Gregory Lambert / Kenny Cole Honda 01:02:39.691 108.382mph Bronze
9. Roy Hanks / Kevin Perry Molyneux Rose TB / Dorwingear Ltd 01:02:46.954 108.173mph Bronze
10. Gordon Shand / Phil Hyde Shand F2 / Kevin Ashworth Machined Timb 01:02:54.414 107.960mph Bronze

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