Stoner: Safe circuits = dangerous riding

Not afraid of a bit of controversy, Casey speaks out again

CASEY STONER reckons that the increasing culture towards larger areas of run-off is creating a mentality that tracks are safe and therefore riders are taking bigger risks.

The former MotoGP champ thinks that riding would be better and safer if riders thought that a mistake would have greater consequences. Instead Stoner thinks riders are taking bigger risks, knowing they can run off at certain corners and not end up rolling through the gravel.

Stoner said: "The riders have no fear anymore. They keep on going further and further and it's going to come to a point where everybody starts to smash into each other - and that's kind of what we've seen with Moto2, it's become dangerous in that aspect, they have no respect for each other."

Stoner then went onto say: "Everyone crashes, it's part of this sport. If you take away crashes, you remove fear, then the sport's completely different to what it used to be."

Circuits too safe? What do you think?

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