Rossi to F1? Don't do it says Stirling Moss

Former F1 champ Stirling Moss says Rossi's better off out of the characterless F1 paddock

As soon as Rossi mentions F1 the press go nuts. We heard it all before in 2006, now the rumours are back. We asked Sterling Moss his thoughts on Rossi swapping two wheels for four.

With Rossi once again fanning the flames on a potential F1 career when he retires from MotoGP, we spoke to British racing legend, and huge Rossi fan, Sir Stirling Moss on his thoughts about a potential switch.

“I’m certain Rossi could succeed in F1 if he wanted, if you are good at one motor sport you will be good at the other and Rossi has that much talent and understanding of speed I’m certain he could make it in F1, even at the age of 32 when he retires, but personally I would not advise it,” said Sir Sterling. “I think he is too good for F1, he would revolutionise the paddock by bringing in a sense of humour. If he seriously wanted to race F1 I’m sure his desire and dedication would see him succeed, but I don’t think he should do it, it would be a backwards step. The atmosphere in the F1 paddock is different to the motorcycle one, not as much fun and much more serious and I don’t think he would enjoy it.”

So where do these latest rumours come from? Chatting away to the Italian press, who hang on his every word, Rossi commented that if the Ferrari factory decides to run a third car in the 2011 season, when his current contact with Yamaha has expired, he would be seriously considered for the drive. Somewhat predictably the press went mental…

“They would have to think of me for the drive. For the time being I have a certainty, next season I will be in MotoGP with Yamaha, in 2011 we will see,” said the eight times world champion. “I have not decided what I will do after that, I have some options that are more pressing. With the Ferrari the plan was very defined in 2006. I would have become the test driver and then the driver in the race. But then I was not prepared to leave the world that is my life. Over two years I do not know now how things will be - to drive the Ferrari is a dream for anyone. I did not want to leave MotoGP after the fall in Valencia that cost me the title. I do not mourn the choice but my relationship with Stefano Domenicali, the boss of Ferrari in F1, has continued.”

What are the chances of it happening? F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone would love to get Rossi in a car and would do everything within his power to get the hugely popular, and marketable, Italian a seat. But let’s be realistic. There is no chance that Rossi would be prepared to risk his reputation on a disastrous and shortlived F1 career, he would much rather ‘play’ at World Rally than potentially lose face at the back of an F1 grid. At the age of 32 would Rossi be able to cut it? Sir Stirling reckons so, but the reality is that F1 talk is just Rossi playing with the media, the chances of him driving in F1 are minimal, and he knows it, but every time he mentions it he gets extra column inches...

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