Hayden: 'Dovi best choice for Ducati'

Is Dovizioso the right choice for Ducati?

ANDREA Dovizioso is expected to takeover from Valentino Rossi at Ducati, and Nicky Hayden believes that the Italian rider is the best choice for the factory team.

It is understood that the Tech 3 rider will sign with Ducati for two years, but with an absolute guarantee that the Italian manufacturer will be given support from Audi.

Hayden, who was confirmed to be staying with Ducati at Laguna Seca, told the press before the Indianapolis GP: "Yeah, if it's Dovi, I think he's probably the best choice out there. He's got good experience coming from me. I'm happy. He spent years at Honda, then now Yamaha, and now come there. I think his experience can be beneficial to our engineers.

"How he'll go on the Ducati, we'll have to wait and see. Of course, I think one of the good things, Dovi doesn't make a lot of mistakes when he rides. He's pretty precise, and that's important. Because if you make a lot of mistakes on the Japanese bike, when you get on the Ducati, that's just double. (Laughter)

"Well, maybe not double, but it's more. So, yeah, hopefully he can bring some knowledge and help us make a good bike if he does come. And I look forward to having a strong teammate."

But whether Dovizioso can work well with the temperamental Desmoseici is another question. The Italian has made a positive transfer to Yamaha from Honda, adapting his riding style to M1.

The only rider to ever find success aboard the Ducati has been Casey Stoner, winning the MotoGP championship in 2007 and scoring 23 wins in his four years. The Australian had no idea if Dovizioso would be capable of succeeded with Ducati, but revealed his thoughts on getting the most out of the Desmosedici.

"People have been saying for years that one rider's style is similar to another rider's style and that it would suit the Ducati. But I think it's nothing to do with style. Personally, it's pride," said Stoner.

"However you think a bike should be ridden, you basically have to ride it how it wants to be ridden. You know, you can go to other manufacturers and say that's how I did it here and it worked, and why isn't it working there? But I think it's just about pride, and you need to give that up and ride it the way it needs to be."

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