Bradley Smith: 'I considered quitting'

Tech 3 rider admits considering quitting after the death of Marco Simoncelli

BRADLEY SMITH has admitted to considering quitting after the death that claimed the life Marco Simoncelli.

"It is very upsetting as a rider," Smith told BBC Radio Oxford, "And it actually makes you question whether you want to do something like this as a career."

Smith was sidelined from racing on Sunday following a crash in practice, he was watching the MotoGP race from within the Tech 3 garage when he saw the Simoncelli's horrific accident.

Despite the level of safety equipment involved in motorcycle sport, he immediately feared the worst, "Unfortunately because of the great job the safety commission do, the high technology that is involved in our safety equipment, and just the general safeness of our sport it has come as such a shock to us that something like this has happened."

The 20-year-old from Oxfordshire recently signed a deal with his current team that would see him graduate to MotoGP in 2013, after witnessing the crash he questioned whether racing was 'worth it' but has since decided to continue with his promising career.

He said: "In my heart, racing is my life and I don't feel fun or fulfilment without it," he said. "There is no other thing that I would want to do and I would like to think Marco felt exactly the same. He seemed to show that same emotion and that same feeling. "There is obviously a lot more to life then racing motorcycles, but not to me.

"Motorcycle racing is my world, is my life and the reason why I will line up in Valencia once again, obviously with a bit more of a sad feeling in my heart, but also great motivation as well to continue the sport I love." he concluded.

Bradley, who has scored three podiums in his debut season in Moto2, is recovering ahead of the final round at Valencia. He said: "I'm alright, I'm back, I've already started physio and I've already been to the gym to start some light fitness training and some movement stretches on the shoulder. I feel like I'm working towards the goal of feeling better rather than just recovering on the sofa. I haven't booked any flights and I'm not putting myself under any pressure to be there. We'll see."

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