Stoner bemoans Aussie motorsport

All is not well in the land down under, according to 2-time MotoGP champion Stoner

AUSTRALIAN Moto GP hero Casey Stoner believes that a combination of legal constraints and a lack of financial support has damaged the future prospects of motorcycle racing in Australia.

With Stoner's retirement at the end of season the sport will be left in a situation unprecedented over the last 30 years - no Australian seriously challenging for world 500cc or MotoGP titles.

Australians have won eight premier class world titles since 1987, two of which belong to Stoner.

Speaking on Thursday before this weekend's MotoGP race at Phillip Island, Stoner said: 'It's going well as far as motorsport visiting Australia, but unfortunately motorsport inside Australia doesn't have support,'

'There's nobody out there that's stepping up with sponsorship, or helping to find places for people to ride or start learning, or running Australian championships.'

Stoner also indicated that litigation culture in Australia is a deterent to those attempting to start up championships, and is stunting the overall growth of motorcycle racing at a grassroots level.

'There's too many court cases pulled out because (there's) some young rider something happened to,'

'Everyone does things at their own risk, understands the risks. They should just be there to enjoy it.'

'It's very disappointing. I think everybody wants to be wrapped up in cotton wool too much.'

Stoner's comments coincide with the announcement, ahead of this weekend's race, that Stoner's home circuit Phillip Island will rename Turn Three in his honour - it will now be known as 'Stoner Corner.'

Speaking on the subject, Stoner said: 'Turn three is probably my favourite one in the world. I am almost flat out in fifth gear through there and that is pretty damn fast and it really gets your blood flowing that's for sure.'

Although Stoner cannot win this year's MotoGP title, fans will be expecting big things from him this weekend - he is dominant at Phillip Island, winning there every year since 2007.

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