MotoGP: Laguna Seca USGP Repsol Honda report

Team press release issued after Laguna Seca race


The local hero Nicky Hayden, retired after being involved in an incident with another rider on the first lap.

The American GP weekend did not finish well for the two Repsol Honda Team riders. In spite of being near the front in all the training sessions neither Dani Pedrosa nor Nicky Hayden were able to do the same in the race and get a good result to round off the weekend.

The morning was complicated for the local hero and reigning World Champion Nicky Hayden -- halfway through the warm up he had a slight fall on the curve before the home straight after losing adherence on the front wheel of his Honda. This problem with the front tyre had been a problem that repeated itself over the whole weekend on Pedrosa`s bike too.

Hayden got back on the track with his second bike but ended the warm up in a disappointing eleventh position. Dani Pedrosa, who set the fifth best time, was far away from Stoner`s best time. The Australin rider was unbeatable over the whole weekend, including the warm up. In the end Pedrosa was over 8 tenths off Stoner`s best time.

At 14:00, local time, the MotoGP race started. Dani Pedrosa started strongly from second position on the grid and reached curve two via the dirty zone but he had to open up his line to pass through, this meant that he lost first position to Stoner who went into the lead and he soon got away from the rest of the riders to get his sixth victory of the season.

Nicky Hayden also had a problem on curve 1 as he clashed with Hopkins and was knocked off course, something that also damaged his brake pipes. After completing the first lap in 18th position the American Repsol Honda Team rider continued to race and moved up a few positions, but the precarious operation of his brakes finally obliged him to go to the pits and then retire, without doubt a big disappointment for him as he was racing in front of his compatriots.

At the front Pedrosa tried to maintain his pace by taking risks, but Vermeulen soon overtook him, and then Melandri and Rossi did the same. In the end Pedrosa crossed the line in fifth position 35 seconds behind the winner. The Repsol Honda Team rider was held back by the low level of adherence on his front tyre and then later on by the uncomfortable vibrations that appeared on his rear wheel.

After this difficult GP for the Repsol Honda Team riders they now have a summer break. The next race is on 19th August with the Czech Republic GP at the circuit of Brno.

Dani Pedrosa 5th at 35'622 secs

"This was a very tough race for us and the truth is that I am not satisfied with this fifth place after having won last weekend and classifying second here yesterday. I got off to a good start but today I was not able to ride as well as I would have liked. We had some problems with the tyres and almost from the start I had a lot of vibrations on the gearbox and it got worse as the race went on.

"Every time a rider closed me down and overtook me I tried to stay with them but I just couldn`t do it as I would have fallen. So I concentrated on staying on the bike because I was not able to do more than that. This is quite frustrating after having won in Germany; we will have to try and improve the situation before the next race."

Nicky Hayden, Retired

"It is a pity to get this result in my home country; for me, for the team and for the fans. This is turning out to be a really tough season and this typical of how things are working out: another incident this time on curve 1. I do not want to talk about it as it would not change anything, so let's just leave it as an incident.

"Fortunately I was not injured in spite of receiving a hard blow on my leg. The problem was that the brake pipe was damaged; after doing three laps the brakes were softer and softer and the adjuster broken, so I could not regulate anything. I would have continued racing hoping for the red flag to be shown, but after being lapped it was totally irresponsible to ride without brakes at the front, so I decided to retire.

"It is a pity, I am sorry for the fans because the support was incredible and I could at least have enjoyed a good race and to have fought. We have had a good run with a couple of consecutive podium finishes, but now we have finished some way off the podium and really what we need to do is to evaluate some things and get back in the fight."

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