BSB: TAS Suzuki eye Seeley for 2010

British Superstock frontrunner a prime choice to replace Atsushi Watanabe

INCREDIBLE British Superstock rider Alastair Seeley may have won every single race in the championship this year on the Relentlee TAS Suzuki but he isn’t finished yet.

The tiny Irish racer is going to test the Relentless TAS Suzuki bikes sometime over the next few weeks and may yet take part in the BSB races at the end of the year.

“I have seen him on the superbike and he really can ride it very well,” said TAS Suzuki boss Phillip Neil: “Alastair himself doesn’t want to think about the superbikes until this championship is over but once he is ready for it from his point of view I want to try him on it with a view to next year.

“He has tested last year’s superbike in Ireland and went well but this year’s bike is quite a bit different so we’ll have to see how he goes on that.”

Surely nobody doubts by now that Seeley will end up as the 2010 replacement for double Japanese Superbike champion Atsushi Watanabe, do they? The Irish lad, on his Superstock bike lapped Knockhill faster than Atsushi on his Superbike.

Now that’s a stat for any bar room banter!

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