BSB: Harris comes under fire (again)

Hydrex Honda Team Boss not impressed with the Bomber's riding tactics

KARL HARRIS has come under fire from his team boss once again after the bulky star suffered another bad weekend, this time at Knockhill.

Harris turned up to the track with a nasty bout of food poisoning then had two crashes in qualifying and one more in each of the BSB races to score a big zero on the Hydrex Hondas, one through his own mistake and one when the chain came off his bike.

Team boss Shaun Muir seemed less than impressed with the rider after Knockhill though, saying: “Karl is still lacking a bit in confidence though and needs to improve his race craft slightly as he’s finding himself in positions that he shouldn’t be in. It was his own mistake in the first race and then in the second he got stuck a bit in no man’s land down in seventh when the chain jumped off. He needs to get his focus back and try that little bit harder and if he can do that I’m sure he’ll be back to where he was at the beginning of the year.”

Read between the lines: Muir is being his usual nice self, but even so there’s some of his frustration creeping in. The crucial parts of what his said are ‘finding himself in positions he shouldn’t be in’ and ‘needs to get his focus back ‘ and ‘try that little bit harder’.

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