BSB: Brogan qualifies with flat front tyre

Team insider gives Visordown the heads-up on HM Plant rider's qualifying debacle

STEVE BROGAN'S poor qualifying performance at this weekend's Mallory Park races has been attributed to punctured front tyre, an inside source has told Visordown.

A team insider said: "Steve went out in the first qualifying session and was going well but then said the bike was feeling very strange as he was pitching into the corners. He came in and we thought it was something to do with the rear tyre so we changed it, he was in a couple of laps later saying the same thing but we were almost out of time and he still hadn't gone quick enough so we had to put a qualifying tyre in a tell him to go out again and try for a time. Unfortunately for Steve the qualifying rear just pushed the flat front even more. It's pretty incredible that he didn't crash because he was going into corners at 140mph on a flat front tyre!"

Brogan ended up 23rd on the grid but battled through to seventh, not easy at the tight and twisty Mallory Park.

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