New Bluetooth headset for bikers

New bike-to-bike communication system in the offing

Slag off your mates on the move

THE AKE BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater from German firm AKE Electronic has built-in Bluetooth that lets you communicate with fellow bikers when you’re out on the road.

The portable Bluetooth communications hub basically lets two motorcyclists communicate with each other via Bluetooth within a 20m range.

It runs on standard batteries, weighs just 65g and the lithium-ion battery promises up to 8 hours’ battery life in operations mode. Naturally, any other Bluetooth-enabled handset can be hooked up too, and it will work with any combination of devices, including GPS units, mobile phones and even portable music players.

You’ll hear any audio content - such as GPS instructions and bike-to-bike discussion - but also mobile phone calls.

There's one button per helmet set for all necessary adjustments, including on or off, pairing, connecting etc. This means that settings can be made separately for each Bluetooth channel.

You’ll be able to buy the AKE BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater on its own, or bundled with a couple of Bluetooth helmets, although no details on pricing or availability dates have been given.

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