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Knox release new chest protector

IMPACT PROTECTION specialists, Knox, have released a new chest protector onto the market.

Neck braces are intended to prevent neck injuries caused by Hyperextension and other extreme head movements, which have affected some high profile motocross riders in the USA. However, an extensive in-depth study of motorcycle accidents across Europe shows that injuries to the Thorax (chest) are seven times more common than those to the neck, claim Knox. Furthermore a far higher proportion of those injuries were serious or life threatening than those to the neck. The MAIDS Report states.

“Most neck injuries were minor, typically abrasions, lacerations or contusions”.

Neck injuries accounted for less than 4% at the maximum level, (which are usually, but not inevitably, fatal), yet chest injuries accounted for 27% in that category. The statistics for critical injuries are similar.

The KNOX Chest Protector covers the chest and ribs and can be fitted to any of the current range of KNOX back protectors with two straps on the front, the company claim.

It's manufactured from light (approximately 200g) and flexible honeycomb material and held in an airtex mesh that may be removed and washed when necessary.

Unlike neck braces, for which there are no recognised testing regimes, the KNOX Chest Protector is independently tested and approved to EN1621-2.

The KNOX Chest Protector is available in small and large sizes at £24.99.

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