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Top ten new bikes for under £10k in 2019

We take our pick of the best bikes you can buy in 2019 for less than £10,000

5. Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon £8,799

Another bike that wont see the daily commute much in winter but you can’t deny it’s a good looking machine!

The Carbon is the top bike in the V7 range and isn’t just a carbon fibre clad version of the base model, it’s a limited run of 1921 units. And is built to commemorate the founding of the Italian company. A numbered, limited edition bike in your garage for less than £10k sounds like quite a good deal to me.

4. Triumph Street Triple | £8,100

Triumph’s mid-size naked is probably the best all-rounder I’ve had the pleasure of riding. I toured with it, commuted on it, popped the shops for bread and milk. I even took one to a rain-soaked trackday at Donnington and loved its chunky midrange delivery and superbike-beating handling.

Not only that, it’s extremely comfortable, looks amazing and there’s room for a (small-ish) companion. The fact that the Street Triple has been in production since 2007 is testament to a winning formula from the Hinckley factory.

3. Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT | £9,999

The Suzuki is an often-overlooked adventure/touring bike as it loses out in the BHP and tech war to the Bavarian and Italian competition, but it’s actually a very good bike.

The V-Twin engine is a derivative of the SV1000 lump, that’s related to the prehistoric TL1000 unit, but time has been kind to the motor and the team at Suzuki have honed and refined the engine helping to make it reliable yet useable in the real world.

Being a Suzuki should also mean fairly inexpensive servicing and accessory costs, although it’s a bike that could be hit hard, by winter slime and depreciation.

2. Yamaha Tracer 900 | £9,249

Based around the successful MT09, the Tracer is a mid-size tourer for those that still like to scrape a peg at the weekend.

The GT version, heated grips, panniers and some other touring trinkets included, is a shade over the £10k budget but some online investigation has turned up some aftermarket parts that could recreate the GT version for a fraction of the price.

1. Kawasaki Z900 RS | £9,899

Very rarely does a manufacturer merge classic, iconic styling with modern components and get a bike that looks this right.

Built to replace the naked, modern styled Z800, the ‘Zed’ takes the classic lines of the 70’s and mixes modern sports suspension, solid braking components and a brute of an engine, to make a fast, good looking and real-world useable bike. Probably the biggest head turner I’ve ridden in the last few years.


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Have KTM put the price of the 790 Duke up over £10K then?

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